Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today I was at a departmental store, waiting in the queue for the billing. A little boy went past me with a keenness in his eyes . He forged through the crowd of larger and older humans and picked up a pack of some snack . The pack being big enough to make his effort to hold it look like an embrace. With the same keenness and a little spark in his eyes he walked to his mother. He had my attention because the queue was long and the wait was boring. His mother busy on the phone looked at his son’s hunt ,ignored the spark in his eyes and tossed that snack bag in a pool of packed vegetables. She went back to her important call. The kid did not throw any tantrum rather he was now focussed at getting his goody bag back.
He made arrangement to reach the level of that square pool and dipped his hand in. Poor thing still could not reach it.But he kept struggling without despair. I watched him all through. His was mom oblivious of the entire affair and may be no one else noticed too. I had almost developed a kind of liking for the kid. While he was still struggling I left my queue for a silly second rescued the goody pack and handed it to the kid. He didn’t smile at me but the pack was again held close to his chest .
When I went out of the store the famous words of Coehlo raced through my mind ‘when you really want something the whole universe conspires in your favour’ and sometimes we become part of a conspiracy.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Its about a glass in which some water was poured and then people were asked about what they see?A half filled glass or a half empty glass? The response defined the person as an optimist or a pessimist. A well known and interesting interpretation. I was fascinated by it for a long time and was happy it was half filled for me. But something struck me today. Just flashed. The glass is full. Half with water and half with air. The emptiness is but illusory because eyes don’t perceive the gaseous mixture. This is science and yet I see some flash of thought in that. Nothing is truly empty . Its but our failure to identify the filler or may be a yearning for something we want more than what already is. The truth is true emptiness cannot exist for long. It would then create a vacuum which would frantically try to absorb itself with whatever comes it’s way!