Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rain is here.. :)

Rain came. With thunder and hydro power mercilessly revealing the poor drainage system of the city again. So after the much revelling in the first shower I was wondering how to step out of the house . The car wasn't happy with all the water between the wheels and it had no chances of turning into a submarine.

 The earth had turn moist and wet and soggy and inspired all the earthworms to announce their existence as they literally crawled bidirectionally and threatened to invade the house. After living around 20 years on upper floors in government houses  our eyes opened to all the problems of grass roots as this is our first monsoon in our own house (we shifted recently).

I was still twinkling my eyes over the fresh brown crawlers as the last I saw them was in the biology lab in 12th standard . I dissected 7 of them  just to get one perfect dissection. They were all dead, soaking in a tub of formalin and pretty bloated and pale unlike the live ones .

 So we have been shooing away earthworms , restricted to our house and just cleaning and cleaning 'cos it's totally messy and at present I am on sneezing spree . Wow! two days back I was eagerly waiting for rain and when it came ....

Enough of narrating the messy stuff. I love rains and  I am happy that it rained . I am glad I dont need the air conditioner anymore so I need not be confined to my room. I have spent a large part of the past two days gazing at the sky and feeling the breeze on my face ....

Everything is so beautiful , lush and green. My scorched heart is feeling all refreshed.

The best part was a plate of hot steaming pakodas and chai with family on the balcony on the first monsoon evening.

Despite all the nagging about the mess around I hope we all can see the beauty of the rains. Enjoy the drenching, rain coats , sharing umbrellas and floating paper boats . Happy Monsoon!!!

Next I am wishing for a Rainbow....


  1. what a wonderful way to welcome the monsoons. thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for reading Subhorup :)...


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