Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stay creative...

There was this conversation with a dear friend on phone . Recently married, she was narrating her experience with the change in life. Then the conversation turned to how marriage slows down a woman's career. She gave the example of another friend who has just stepped into motherhood .How she is dealing with the mental conflict of her sphere of influence shrinking down to the baby and the home chores complexed with the husband's lack of cooperation.

I  listened to her and said 'perhaps those professional women who have some creative outlet cope up better in such professional breaks. Creativity could be in general such a wonderful channelizer of all negative energy and frustration into something absolutely marvelous.'

I had slept over the thought  and perhaps would have forgotten about it completely had a fantastic article  not been shared on my FB wall.

Reading it I realized that even people who are creative face deep frustrating rejection of their work. This could perhaps blunt their creativity and make them give up.

 But a truly creative spirit turns the table around and makes a rejection a trigger for creating something awesome .

This is exactly  what two Irish designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy  did by Turning worst client comments into Posters! (Click on the link and have a look at the posters ) . The posters were exhibited and they became so popular that within 5 days of exhibition they raised thousands of Euros and donated it to a Children's Hospital.

So hold on to whatever creative tools you posses you never know when it would turn your life around. Ok! if thats a bit exaggerating it might just turn around your mood or outlook . Not a bad deal at all!


  1. Creation is divine and to be creative is a divine gift, only few are blessed with....God bless you :)

  2. That is very sound advice and it works. And you are right about it turning one's mood and outlook if not one's life :D Loved the posters and had a rollicking time, thanks for sharing!


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