Friday, August 15, 2008

Emptying for more

The pictures were flashing on the screen. Every Indian who would have seen it would have let out a word of amazed happiness. I was'nt an exception. Then they focused on Abhinav Bindra. Well being a guy I did'nt expect him to do a cupping of face act with amazemnent like the Miss India turning Miss Universe. It woulnt have been wrong if he would rolled on the floor and even if he would have done "Chahe mujhe koi junglee kahe " act . But he was composed. And a little too composed that it was the only thing I was noticing. He flashed a meagre smile. I was a little clueless. Has it not sink in him yet that he has done that no Indian has done yet.

I did notice right and Bindra's interview answered it. He stated to feel an emptiness that was left after the feat and may be it dawned him that life would move on from this point. May be ,when one works for something with such great devotion and dedication that it absorbs every miniscule of conscious and subconcious existence, achievement equates with loss of purpose. Those who can't handle emptiness fill it with greater goals. May be that is the story of compulsive achievers.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I entered the restaurent and it seemed like a women dominated world. On the right hand side there was a gang of eight chirpy gals.. celebarting the birthday of one of them( The one who was unwrapping the tiny gifts).They were a little too noisy for my ear drums. on the left there was a triad of girls. These were a bit older than the , just out of school, eight bunch. I got seated. Just behind me was the kitty party group of the homemakers all middle aged. Since I was sitting with my back to them ,I could not observe them any further. I had fish on my mind. Wanted to relish fish with lemon and coriander sauce. To my dismay fish wasn't available. But ironically I felt I was in the fish market. The eight were still enthusistic in there never ending conversations complimented with giggles and accentuated by exclamations ,continued distracting me from the menu card. The triad weren't noisy but they were in focus when i tried to look away from the eight. Then entered a 'six' of saree clad women. Nice replicas of Ekta Kapoor's serial... one of them whose weight had refused decrease after her previous pregnancy , delicatly carried the now 1 year old baby girl. They seemed to be completely out of conversation, may be sobered by the in law effect.I felt a little relaxed by there scanty whispered conversations and had finally decidedon the menu. Amidst the din, surprisingly, I was still able to recognize the song whose instrumental was miserably trying to surface over the bubbly feminine voices.
As i started to eat the chicken that replaced the desired fish, a few more gals walked in. The number kept on increasing and till it reached 11. Good they couldnt find a place to accomodate all.However they stood a little behind me , a few of them seated, discussing the alternate places they could go. All of a sudden i felt surrounded .Women of all ages just talking away , as if they wont have a second oppurtunity after this sunday afternoon. By now the baby gal has also started crying.
It sure had turned to be a noisy lunch. Then for a silly second I wondered why was I so destressed. The noisy gals were just a group of friends enjoying . The kinds I used to be a part of. But as one grows up and moves on in life, one gets lesser and lesser oppurtunities for such gatherings. So for the rest of the time i enjoyed my lunch and smiled at the thought of the noisy gatherings me and my friends had in college.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Pink Link

Yesterday I stepped in Shopper's Stop outlet ( ya I was shopping again :D) and I noticed the Aerosmith song floating..."Pink........ " while I was actually looking at a pretty pink top. And suddenly I was enlightened... wish I could see the spark in my eyes while I was actually amused at the relevance of the lyrics which sounded so weird I heard it the first time long time ago. Well pink is for gals and blue is for boys ( the gender color code). Since time immemorial I doted on blue and ended up buying all the blue shades from my wardrobe to pencil boxes and coffee mugs. For unknown reasons i never bought or owned anything pink. Wasn't ever keen at it. I wasn't a tomboy. But no barbie or baby pinks for me.
This year pink peeped in and seeped in around me silently. My asthetic senses increased after exams and I redecorated my room. Only to realise that I bought pink curtains, pink bedsheets, pillow covers and even pink doormat. I walk in sony store to buy a laptop and its sony viao I decide upon and the only model at the shop that time is Luxury pink and I end up buying it.So whats the relevance of jotting it down? worthless peice of information may be. I don't care . Pink stands for beauty, grace and goodness .There is a whole lot it represents.From gender to wisdom.

Though the song got the idea boiling to write about it .... but it evaporated . Three months back I bought a hibiscus plant .Though mum insisted on buying the one which had already flowered( wise thing to do), but i bought a healthier looking one with no display of the secret color it would flower to. So........this morning it flowered and Aerosmith echoed in my head.....

"Pink it´s my new obsession Pink it´s not even a question
...........Pink gets me high as a kite. And I think everything is going to be all right"