Thursday, September 18, 2014


An experiment with melted Crayons ... the melted drippings acquired a life of their own. An unintended face appeared . Enjoyed the process thoroughly!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The shiny tracks were all
Set for me to jump
On with steely wheels
And cruise towards my
Predestined …
The path was conveniently
Laid to greatness
No effort expected
Just  measured steps
There was absolutely
No chance of a miss
I was on the predictable
Road to bliss…
I was almost yawning
Towards certainity
And out of arrogance
Or perhaps ignorance
I decided to jump off
This bored easy existence
And lo and behold
I derailed
People think I
I now sit aside watch
 Other’s steely wheels
On predictable paths
Race towards the predestined
While I lie derailed
Listening to a bird
Watching a bee
Letting a creeper
Grow over me …
I sneeze staring
At the sun..
I freeze under
The sudden snow…
I feel it thaw
I taste the glow
I have certainly
And I am deeply
But do I miss the
Predictble …
Oh I have sailed
To another world
Where everyday
Comes with a surprise
The meanings of words
And silence bind with
an honest thread
And this simple life
I shall continue to tread
Far beyond the understanding
Of this uncomplicated world ..
They think I have failed
But I am just happily derailed..

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Boy with the Lotus'

Water color version of a photograph.

Friday, February 28, 2014

10 K finally achieved !

The last post ended with my aspiration for reaching the 10 k mark. It was a very positive frame of mind and I knew I was going to achieve it very very soon. I had steadily progressed to an 8 k PB (personal best) by the end of January 2014 and was so near reaching 10 k within a couple of days.

However ,it seemed I jinxed myself and my biology and physiology turned against me. I had a couple of health issues and my positive frame of mind depleted. I started feeling that I was probably pushing myself unnecessarily.A sedentary person like me is not meant for running. I did occasional labored runs an it seemed like a deep struggle after the break. After being almost there and then coming back to square one was like a snakes and ladder game. I was bitten by the snake and I was far from getting any ladders.

Meanwhile I planned a relaxing vacation in Goa and met an old school friend 'S'. She is a runner and far ahead of me in training. I did try running on the beach and it made me even more sure that I am not meant for running. After the vacation however my mental exhaustion had vanished and a good rest for about a week ( which includes the much needed good night sleeps ) left me rejuvenating. During my vacation I discovered that another of my school friend 'V' has also been running and has been planning to participate  in a half marathon. I reconnected with this friend  and discovered that he has not only participated in the half marathon but also finished it in an awesome 1 hour 43 minutes. He was an athlete and a football player  in the school days , so I wasn't really surprised . But to have maintained that fitness even now is highly commendable. He shared with me a lot of good articles about running and with that I developed a new interest and outlook towards running.

This week I finally decided to see the dentist for a recurrent tooth problem . He advised a root canal surgery and for past one week I have been undergoing the sessions of this horribly painful procedure. I discovered that the days I ran during this week  I felt better . It was like a happy spot.

Yesterday 'V' sent me a link which was about half marathon training . The problem with reaching 10k was that I was trying to maintain a fast pace and do it non stop which exhausted me within 3 to 4 kms . I was drained by then and had to stop else I exhaust myself to the point of falling ill. This article gave me an insight into a method which I had spontaneously devised to achieve the 5K target . I ran for 4 minutes and walked for a minute . This article talked about 4 minute run followed by 2 minutes walk.

I got really motivated and decided to reach the 10k target this very day. I kept my speed slower than usual and used the 4/2  run -walk ratio . I speeded up gradually in between to have a decent finish timemaking sure that I kept myself hydrated well during the run . Surprisingly this felt very easy and I was actually enjoying my run after days of struggling on the treadmill. Both my legs and lungs were in tune and even the sweat wasn't bothering me.

I finally finished my first 10k on 27 feb 2014 in 1  hour  44 minutes and 28 seconds .... It was a wonderful PB and has motivated me to keep running. I might after all be a runner !!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Run Scribbler Run!!!!

For no particular reason I have always liked this part of the movie Forrest Gump. The idea of running fascinated me. However I had never believed I could actually do it.

Year 2011 I was inspired by the blog of a fellow doctor who had started running and blogging about it. He went on long runs in the nature and posted pictures of his track and videos of the runs. One particular day he ran in the rain to a waterfall where he shot a stunning video of the mighty waterfall rejoicing in a happy downpour. I felt proud when he ran his first marathon and posted the picture of the shiny medal and certificate.I asked him for  tips on running and he did give me some, but I wasn't ready then . 

Year 2013 I decided I would run. The above mentioned friend introduced me to I started enthusiastically dreaming of a half Marathon as my goal. I couldn't actually start with running as my physical fitness wasn't enough . So I walked a few times and then fizzled out.

I couldn't believe anymore that I could actually run. Even Half a minute of running was exhausting. So I decided for a smaller target and my Half Marathon target shrunk to 5K. Shrinking the goal however did not really change anything I was still only walking on my treadmill and that too occasionally. 

Then one particular day I came across an inspirational video which turned out to be a Nike ad. As the Law of attraction works I serendipitously ended up in a sports store the very next day and bought a pair of Nikes.

However this didn't help either. A few walks on the road and thats it. Seemed like it won't work at all . Read some training programs for 5K. Then it all took a back seat while I fought with health issues.

In November I happened to log on again and I realised that almost the entire year had passed without  achieving even 5 minutes of running!!! I decided to start again. Fellow walkers and runners motivated me. I graduated from brisk walking to running in between and then I could run a km in 10 minutes . Which was an absolute breakthrough for me !!

I kept basking in the glory of my meager achievement. I didn't cross the 1km mark for several days until I was asked "It's great that you are running. But why do you stop at 1 km?" . That made me realize that I haven't gone beyond a Km not 'cos I can't do it but because I stop before I can do it. I ran 5 kms in 51 minutes two days later.

 From there began an unbelievable journey for someone completely non- atheletic and sedentary like me.

I have been learning a new language of highly determined and focused people called RUNNERS. In the last two months of 2013 I have run 64.36 kms  with the longest distance of 7kms  (64min 46 sec) and the best pace of 1km in 8 minutes 43 seconds. Total distance spanned in 2013 including walking and running amounted to 114 kms !!!

My stats till January 4 , 2014.

The next target is a 10K . Looking forward to a more fit and challenging 2014 .

Happy Running :)