Sunday, September 28, 2008

A thought...

Giving up a temporary tantrum is better than giving up on a long lasting relationship.

troubled tea rescue!

I was making tea today. The pan was small. The quantity of milk and water was almost reaching the brim. As it was getting boiled I recalled something else and moved out of the kitchen . When I returned it had come to a boil and the milk water mixture was frantically rising up threatening to spill. Oh! the tea leaves and sugar still to be added . I knew simmering won't help and not even trying to blow air. I didnt want it to spill on the burner. So i just took the pan off the burner and added tea leaves and sugar as the craziness in the pan subsided. A little while later the pan was back on the burner and nice tea was ready without any spillage.

This little exercise reminded me something important while I sipped the tea. Just a moving away for a while from something that evokes negative emotions could ease out things and prevent any embarssing and regretful outbursts.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moving on

My mother has trouble sleeping these days. She came in the living room that day and lied down on the sofa. I was reading there. I sat beside her as if I was going to read her a piece from Paoulo Coehlo's 'LIKE THE FLOWING RIVER'. She waited to listen with closed eyes. I didn't read. She opened her eyes and then went back to sleep again. I kept watching her by her side. Suddenly I mused there was a time when I could be held in the expanse of her folded arms. All I knew was her eyes and face. All I could do was look at her , smile , yawn and ofcourse cry.Every action would fill her heart with love and she would never get tired of feeding me cleaning me. All she wants now is my presence to sooth her. So evident by how beautifully she slept on the sofa because I was sitting by her side. But I will have to go soon. The life which is routine today will just be a memory. A lovely one. She is fighting against the lonliness that would come inevitably. Desperately trying to hold on......something we all have to go through in our lives as life simply moves on.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Left unfinished

Danny is still missing. Sleep deprived Asra and Marriane try to figure out the trail frantically..... Mortenson watches the clear blue sky and the eagle soar as he wakes up to realise his defeat by the K2...... Hatsumomu explains the intricacies of wearing a kimono, as she dresses up for her day.... Robert Langdon fled from the Louvre........Gogol enjoys living with his new girlfriend admiring the kind of freedom her parents give her.......Lance Amstrong been diagnosed to have testicular cancer with metastasis...... Bill Bryson started explaining the beginning of the universe...sigh dont remember where i left Howard Roark...........
Well lots of books for me to finish..... could you figure out ?