Monday, June 24, 2013

Journey to the 'Dragon's Lair'

"When are you leaving ?"

"Tomorrow  evening ...didn't get leaves ...."

"Still you should have a look at the Dam and the Forte before you leave "

"Sure bro" I said unconvincingly very keen on my morning sleep.

" You should really walk beneath the dam in the tunnel ...I would arrange the permission from the authorities"

I looked at him blankly with  are- you -kidding- me- that- sounds- scary look .

It was August 2012  my niece's (my cousin's daughter) first birthday and there was  grand party at Jhansi where my cousin was  posted in administrative capacity.

The month of August and a nice drizzle added charm to a road trip to Jhansi which I thought would be nothing but drab. I tested my new Nokia lumia all along the way clicking pictures through the moving vehicle.





I was thrilled when the hills started appearing. My geography isn't bad but I had no clue that Jhansi had hills.

But after the party when this conversation happened I was sure I was stepping no tunnel.

However we woke up early morning and it kept drizzling . A sweet intoxicating drizzle when you dream of steaming oil drenched pakoras.

I was informed that we will pass Babina which is a cantonment town and  has a air base of strategic importance(if I remember correctly). The storm and rain the night before  made a tree surrender and block the road. The army men and locals  rescued the trip.


We finally reached Sukhwan-Dukhwan dam . Oh ! did I mention the name earlier? So it was the guest house first and then a little stroll to the dam .



The gush of water was spectacular and the rain made the place look even more beautiful. I spotted a cable car.


Then came in the part to step in the recommended place . The Sukhwan Dukhwan Dam Wein. I wasn't going !The howling of the water wasn't encouraging.

Then some sudden rush of a 'never before' enlightenment made me walk down the steps .

As I stepped down my heart pounded. It felt that down below that dark alley were imprisoned a hundred roaring dragons spitting out fire and would engulf any mortal.Or perhaps an army of Lions ready to tear you apart.

 Instead the last step brought a gush of very strong cold  water drenched air. The roaring waters drowned our excited voices and  I walked through the wein occasinally finding the courage to really peep down.


It felt like this strong therapy  ... wind mingled with a water spray and a sound that would drown your thoughts .

( Tried to upload my own video but some technical issues . So till I do that posting a youtube video to show what it's like.)

The water fell down beating the drums of eternity telling you that even if it feels scary sometimes a walk down the steps to a strange sounding tunnel could help you find something unexpectedly magnificent.