Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The shiny tracks were all
Set for me to jump
On with steely wheels
And cruise towards my
Predestined …
The path was conveniently
Laid to greatness
No effort expected
Just  measured steps
There was absolutely
No chance of a miss
I was on the predictable
Road to bliss…
I was almost yawning
Towards certainity
And out of arrogance
Or perhaps ignorance
I decided to jump off
This bored easy existence
And lo and behold
I derailed
People think I
I now sit aside watch
 Other’s steely wheels
On predictable paths
Race towards the predestined
While I lie derailed
Listening to a bird
Watching a bee
Letting a creeper
Grow over me …
I sneeze staring
At the sun..
I freeze under
The sudden snow…
I feel it thaw
I taste the glow
I have certainly
And I am deeply
But do I miss the
Predictble …
Oh I have sailed
To another world
Where everyday
Comes with a surprise
The meanings of words
And silence bind with
an honest thread
And this simple life
I shall continue to tread
Far beyond the understanding
Of this uncomplicated world ..
They think I have failed
But I am just happily derailed..