Monday, January 23, 2006

dreams remain.....

i look into my eyes....
some shy thoughts waiting
for an outburst
but will
remain burried
melting and freezing inside

i see...
my hands shake
my heartache ....
as with
great precision
i repair
the damage
as life emerges
its magnanimity with
horrid ...nightmarish ......pain

growing crazier than ever
denying the feeling..
the senses
i hold a hand placid outside
panicking inside
trying to console.....
pretending to be the anchor
miserably drifting away
in the middle of nowhere

i look at people
their eyes....
some expect the world
some my worth deny
but unperturbed by any other gaze
i look into my eyes
growing mysterious every moment
(are they keen?.... mocking?...observing?
deep?....shallow?funny....or grave? )
i try again after giving up
every time.....

i do see
the glimpse of that
dream........ that has been
there and would never
leave my eyes!!


  1. this is true for evry1 who has dreamed. u dream u act u face hurdles, u r bogged down, ur heart aches thinking abt the thorny road ahead but ur eyes still c the dream, u still hope of achieving it, doesnt matter if its hope against hope. its very easy to let go but more difficult to hold on.
    kudos to u for pennng it down in such a lovely way

  2. Your dreams are your own.. no one else should have authorilty to turn them down.. live your dreams even till your last breadth!


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