Tuesday, February 14, 2006


let me say a simple truth,
let me say it now or i never would

I am standing in a crowd
and I can so clearly hear
each whisper each sound
trying to sort right there
which ones for me
which ones mine.

as I keep doing this
I find so many times I miss
so many time I understand
and so many times misunderstand
what is being said
and what is to be said.

sometimes I wish I could take back
what I said
may be sometimes everyone
wants that
but no there is no taking back
something more would have
to be said to correct
or sometimes better keep hush.

sometimes as i hear and sort out
think and rethink
I find no one actually knows
about me..
and sometimes even i don't
but then this is such
a disturbing thought
who would accept this
even I wont!

All the whispering,talking,
shouting and yelling goes on
but we still hide
we are all afraid to
say the truth
to expose our true selves
to tell the tenderest of feelings
admit tinniest of mistakes...

there somewhere quietly
stands all that is untold
as they say
"Speech is silver ,SILENCE is gold"

1 comment:

  1. You know, the greatest disadvantage of language: when it defines one meaning, one possibility it kills million others. It defines & nurthers on one hand and kills & destuct on other. The everlasting fight between Nature & Culture!Words are distractions! As Rousseau said " Back to the nature". The greatest sounds of cosmos are still silent what scientists put them as " Dark Matters " not even with visible forms of energy like sound, light etc. but also not even radioctive or neutral radiatins !! Nothing but an eerie silence. You does seems to identify with that, because souls close to supreme creator always do that! Please never leave this quest for search of a higher order of truth in an otherwise chaotic reality!


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