Sunday, September 28, 2008

troubled tea rescue!

I was making tea today. The pan was small. The quantity of milk and water was almost reaching the brim. As it was getting boiled I recalled something else and moved out of the kitchen . When I returned it had come to a boil and the milk water mixture was frantically rising up threatening to spill. Oh! the tea leaves and sugar still to be added . I knew simmering won't help and not even trying to blow air. I didnt want it to spill on the burner. So i just took the pan off the burner and added tea leaves and sugar as the craziness in the pan subsided. A little while later the pan was back on the burner and nice tea was ready without any spillage.

This little exercise reminded me something important while I sipped the tea. Just a moving away for a while from something that evokes negative emotions could ease out things and prevent any embarssing and regretful outbursts.

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