Thursday, September 16, 2010

bravely ahead of her time

Nearly a 100 years after she conceived and wrote it, I got introduced to her work. She wrote her theory of public administration in 1909. Her work was dismissed and then acknowledged as prophetic . What I wonder about her most was what is it for a women to be ahead of her time?... to have thought and theorized what no MAN could! When Taylor was mechanizing and measuring work and finding ways to cut metal efficiently, she wrote about conflict ... and wisely proclaimed it to be a normal process and envisioned a constructive conflict. Meaning how to put conflict to use instead of criticizing it... since it's unavoidable.
She sure was wise, imaginative and observant. But above all she was brave. To have made a mark in a male dominant discipline and perhaps in a man's world (which still is a man's world when I sit and type this in the 21st century) is remarkably courageous.

" All polishing is done by friction. We get the music from the violin by friction and we left the savage state when we discovered fire through friction" ... Mary Parker Follet.

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