Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SEN.. tenced...

The latest Frontline issue has an extensive coverage on the rigorous life imprisonment to Dr. Binayak Sen. I was deeply shocked at the verdict. He was in prison for about two years when he was given a bail in 2009. A doctor who left a bright future to work selflessly for tribals in Chattisgarh . A human right activist who is acclaimed the world over for his work and had a lot of international support during his imprisonment. A selfless person who has evidently not harmed anyone ends up a life term .
            The government and the medical fraternity has always been trying to find ways to motivate doctors to go to villages. But it's hard for anybody to have five to eight years of rigorous studies and then subject oneself to hardships in a no resource, no progress and no  gain scenario. In this context his efforts to save the tribal population from malnutrition and diseases like malaria made me deeply admire him. His crime  of being associated with maoist seems to me like  ploy to silence a voice for human rights. How many people have the courage to become barefoot doctors. I know I don't have that. I am well aware of the fact that the greatest internal threat to our country is naxalite extremism . It is however a complex problem and government insensitivity and judicial incompetence can lead to aggravating the situation and further deterorating people's faith in a government. The Frontline issue has questioned the severe punishment and clearly brought out the flawed judgment. I was thoroughly dissapointed by the statements of two politicians ( who in my eyes are credible and I have  respect for) in this regard. This verdict is in a sessions court and definitely this is going in the higher courts but one begins to lose faith in the system when rapists , murderers and  scamsters get away and the selfless and innocent bear the burden.

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