Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stop making rapists at home !

I am a regular reader of the IHM's blog  " Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker". I came across a post on her blog titled Mera Tharki India : Can we have more such music please!  which was awesome .

I watched the music video on Youtube. As expected there were only 5000 and odd likes for the video while silly and obscene ones become viral in no time. Even though my blog doesn't have a great traffic yet I would repost this one here and share it in my limited sphere.

The  sexist item numbers camouflaged in catchy rhythms and music  are proliferating and I yearn for sensible lyrics . Songs that are not designed to demean  and malign 50 percent of the species and what more creating a competition among bollywood divas to dance to such tunes. Badmaash Babli !! what crap.

This video is a positive attempt to point out that rapists don't come from anywhere else they are nurtured and produced in our very own homes.

Mera Tharki India!!!

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