Monday, February 21, 2005

chaos within

Sometimes I say, "I can't hold on..."
Sometimes I say, "I can't let go....."
There would be no other chance they say
and I wonder  did i make the choice right......???

Ohh!! it kills me and sometimes swallows my heart
into a limitless darkness that engulfs all delight.....
and then from a chink in my tattered world
enters an unexpected ray of light........

Well its hard to be the special one
and still being ordinary is not easy....
yes i have tried!!!

Sometimes it seems its all for me to decide
I am so lost and (sob!) no one to guide

One path one destination...
Still my heart sinks when the
 crossroads arrive........

Ahhhhh!! sometimes I wish I could
get rid of every thought...
and sometimes the world seems too
crowded a place ...
like my head full of thoughts.
Just too many people, too many thoughts
that everything turns into noise..

Still I dream of symphony,of harmony
amidst this chaos that
exists all around me and inside!!!!

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