Thursday, February 10, 2005


      It was back in school.My best friend and I used to sit at a special place in the school campus.We used to call it 'THE GRAVEYARD' .Those were a couple of stairs leaning against the boundary wall and grass grew around it.The huge trees around(the thing I loved most about the campus) gave it a more mysterious look.

     We sat on those stairs in spare time and shared all our dreams,confusions,conflicts,love interests and the daily happenings.So our moods ranged from cheerful to serious...and sometimes we contemplated like a pair of philosophers.

     On one such leisure day under the clear blue sky we sat and shared our musings,not discussing anything in particular.We casually looked at the sky and my friend spotted an eagle, soaring so high that if I removed my glasses I would have no idea that it was even there.Well an eagle in its flight is quite a sight to see.My friend interrupted and asked whats the word that comes in your mind instantly at this sight.Without blinking my eyes I said "HEIGHTS"
I turned and asked whats your friend said "LONELINESS"....
    Years later as the course of my life changed.I continued studying and got to study at one of the best professional colleges in the country and aquired a lot of academic achievements.I sometimes  muse at  the depth of that casual discussion.Everything has a price .But is it necessary that heights mean loneliness? Are they inseparable or just a state of mind...........?


  1. my share of sky is everyone's dream and height and loneliness is everyone's fate,
    thanks for bringing it into notice, someone someday might make changes in his/ her life , so that even at height she is not alone,
    if not someone else, i hope when you are up there in the sky, with your cup of coffee, you are not alone there

  2. thanks doc ... that was amazing :D !


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