Friday, August 15, 2008

Emptying for more

The pictures were flashing on the screen. Every Indian who would have seen it would have let out a word of amazed happiness. I was'nt an exception. Then they focused on Abhinav Bindra. Well being a guy I did'nt expect him to do a cupping of face act with amazemnent like the Miss India turning Miss Universe. It woulnt have been wrong if he would rolled on the floor and even if he would have done "Chahe mujhe koi junglee kahe " act . But he was composed. And a little too composed that it was the only thing I was noticing. He flashed a meagre smile. I was a little clueless. Has it not sink in him yet that he has done that no Indian has done yet.

I did notice right and Bindra's interview answered it. He stated to feel an emptiness that was left after the feat and may be it dawned him that life would move on from this point. May be ,when one works for something with such great devotion and dedication that it absorbs every miniscule of conscious and subconcious existence, achievement equates with loss of purpose. Those who can't handle emptiness fill it with greater goals. May be that is the story of compulsive achievers.

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