Thursday, August 13, 2009


The lotus looked
At the muddy pond
“oh! this is where
I have to grow!
This hurts me though
Yet I know
It is my goodness
That should show.”

And it spread its
Petals like sunshine
Cos the lotus had
No time to whine

What is within you
Let it define and determine
And never let the mud
Take away the purpose Divine!


  1. heyy never heard of smthing like dis............i dont knw who u r u might b a beautiful prsn to write smthin lyk dis........u knw wat. u inked smthing down dat is going to stay in my heart for ever....plzzz plzz plzzz keep on writin cauz u knw smthin ...dere r very less no real rockstars....

  2. Nice dichotomy unveiled towards purity & dirt-- and the beutiful symbol chosen by you is Lotus! Kudos to your imagination linked with National flower & a symbol of Indian mythology. You does seems to have a bit of great philosoher's dialectic approach of reasoning !


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