Thursday, August 13, 2009


Shortlived like the
Joyful thoughts
in my head.

A bubble floats
so candidly unaware
like a breath of life
trapped in a fragile sphere...
destined to vanish
without a trace...

Still the amazing spectrum
romances carelessly on its face
like a stray rainbow dancing
with euphoric grace

Beautiful without resistence
all through its short existence.....

Like a distant
Dream in my eyes...

The sky stares back
From the worthless puddle
Where the sky drops
Came together to cuddle
When the last cloud passed
And the puddle relaxed
It mirrored the extreme
Living a distant dream.....

Like my lone travels
Hunting for a future bright ....

A seed so feather light
With all hair white
Carried on it’s flight
Moving away
from the earth
the place of it’s birth
Yet it must go through
The turmoil
Before it reaches
And chooses
It’s destined soil ....


  1. Amazing thought, beautiful lines..

    the bubble, the sky drops, the seed.. you have picked those small things to make a beautiful verse ..

    very rightly have compared them with the joyful thought in your head..

    Awesome.. keep writing dear.

    1. I had almost stopped writing ... been painting a bit . But I guess with all those nice and encouraging comments I might probably after all write something new .. thanks for reading :)


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