Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Aimlessness is a weird state of unease and freedom. You have nowhere to go and everywhere to go at the same time. But then it doesn’t matter where you head to in that case. As the Cheshire cat said to Alice ..
Alice –“where does this road go?”
Cheshire cat- “where do you wanna go?”
Alice- “I don’t know.”
Cheshire cat “ then it doesn’t matter.”
This post is something like that. An absolutely aimless scribble. I really don’t know where this is directed but I am kind of irked with the absolute lack of a new and formed idea for a blog. May be starting to write may take away a 4 month long break in blogging. The winters are absolutely chilly and very efficient in confining me to my room . This makes the absolute lack of creativity even more bothersome. I been reading a lot and listening to a lot music but somehow nothing inspired me or stirred me. Here again I go blank...


  1. Someone who is herself a source of light, A POWERFUL SUN; in eternal & constantly expanding universe cannot be shown light by anyone else.. Gustakhi Maaf.. !! So, search & realise burning desires inside; strong fusion reactions are going inside you.. harness that energy .. Dear !! Nice piece of your mind but I beg to differ.. You are not at all aimless.
    Read other posts also.. GOOD JOB Sweetheart.. Will constantly check over this " piece of you mind" for updates!

  2. If you can write such a thoughtful blog when u are aimless.. i m sure you wud have a lot t write when you have a little "aim" !! Shirk ur laziness and write watever comes into your mind.. look forward to many more thoughts from ya. I always enjoy reading what u write and u must keep it up.


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