Monday, January 18, 2010

Noodle musings

Its 1 am and am watching ‘Singing in the rain’ as I enjoy eating Maggie noodles. A ‘happy ‘ break from studies. Frank Sinatra sings in the rain and saying he is happy again .This made me open my word document and scribble as it is a little reminder of the events of the day which left me contemplating on happiness.
A friend of mine seriously contemplating on a career change gave me the argument that the important thing is ten years from now he should be happy. I did not comment on the longterm plan of happiness because my friend was too convinced and excited for any . Coincidentally in the evening in conversation with another friend we laughed when she sighed and said ‘only if she knew the recipe of happiness’.
Now with my noodles and Frank Sinatra crooning a thought popped in my head. If happiness was a pack of noodles how will I cook it. Will I keep it their lying on the shelf that someday I will know the best way to enjoy it? Or will I try to find the best way to cook it before I open the pack? Or will I just open the pack and do best as I can that very moment?
But ironically its not a pack of noodles . Had it been so everyone would have known to open it up that very moment and enjoy it instantly.


  1. Hey Yaar!! Started feeling hungry after reading your post! Remember last year's Lohodhi when you, me & Amrita.. had Maggi noodles together at Cafenext! Eatables... creates so loving memories, happiness, harmony that they become life itself ! Thats why Indian tradition supports so many different & varied recipe prescriptions for so many numerous different festivals the year round.
    Don't know about others but my life's happiness seriously wrapped around the taste of something hot, healthy & aromatic... the only problem.. the multiplication of happiness this way sadly gets reflected in the weight-units!!
    Ah!! Life gives happiness & little sadness in the the same package!


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