Monday, August 8, 2011

Dandelion whisked by the wind

It's amazing to watch a white stray fluffy seed wandering... completely trusting the wind, swaying where ever the wind whisks it. Not complaining that it was the wind that uprooted it from it's abode but silently letting the uncertain happen to it without resisting. Letting the trust take away all fears and just imbibing the journey through hills and valleys... flowing through cluttered cities and rustic paths.. reeling in front of unsuspecting faces ,making children chase it while it follows the will of the wind. Sometimes being caught in a dreamy fist and whisked away again laden with a wish.

Sometimes I feel like a whisked dandelion seed being carried away by the  wind. But do I always trust the wind.I find myself sulking when my dreams crash, my efforts fail, I miss on what I desire. I try resisting the course of events ... try making a twist in the tale ... never knowing if it's my decision or just the influence of the grand plan making me work. You might say a dandelion seed is helpless against the mighty wind . But I would hate to believe that I am  helpless. So  when I flow aimlessly towards an uncertain future ... I would rather believe being whisked by a wind I trust.In the language most understood by humans ... I would like to name that wind God.

Trust is a divine endeavour and some silly times it's better to let go and trust God's Plan.

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