Monday, February 21, 2011

Building castles in the air

               We all have done that. Some have more frequently then the others. More easily when we were younger . Most of the time these airy thoughts culminate to nothing. But none of us can deny the pleasure involved in building these no brick ,no mortar, no sweat , no pain castles. The times when we sat with our friends , siblings or spouses ; holding hands or just chuckling away over tea and pakodas and discussing the intricacies and beauty of an unmatchable and favourable future full of achievements. What would we do when we become this or earn that? How great would it be when we would reach that place? What we would do when we retire? How much fun life would be when we achieve name and fame? One day I may write a book and win a Booker/Pulitzer/ Nobel!! Or enter politics and uproot all corruption and crime! Or start a big company and become the richest man/woman in the world...... the list goes on and on from the trivial to utterly significant.

                 Our mind weaves beautiful illusions which we savour with open eyes and don't mind talking about it. This whole exercise of pleasurable thoughts falls flat most of the times when hit with reality . As we grow we learn that dreaming too much may be synonymous with being dissapointed too much. So we learn the art of emotional insulation and refrain from premature celebrations. We learn not to build castles in the air as we grow wiser and walk deeper into the road called life. Thats a nice way of saving ourselves from despair. Besides this activity is but immature and childish.

                  I realised today that I have reached that understanding in life that I restrict myself from  being this imaginary architect of happiness . I shrug that dreamy circus and rationalize every possible action and it's consequence. I am meticulous and sensible. Yes! I don't indulge in building castles in the air anymore. Not that I did a deliberate attempt at that. It just gradually happened as I kept learning life. Somehow today I muse that what harm can this  little airy indulgence do, what can an innocent twinkle in the eye and an optimistic chuckle in the voice  take away. It's just a pure fun moment which can perhaps release positivity and some endorphins . Guarding too much and insulating too much may not serve the  intended purpose . So I guess no matter how old one gets one should build castles in the air occasionally ... for the sheer joy of it. I am sure doing some of that  now on ( but not overdoing of course !! :) )

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