Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The sun through my mobile camera


Melt away burning desire....
fade away lovely ball of fire...
Here goes a long day now recede..
Let the night usher in on tip toe feet..
As people scurry home so unaware
I bask in your  glow O' lovely sphere..


Let's go home it's time dear friend...
We played and laughed and now it's day end..
But we will walk steady and slow ...
let us bask in this breathtaking  glow...
Let's promise that we will share joy and sorrow..
Life may fade away  but our friendship shall grow...


I am the sun sinking in my solitude..
Fading away I still glow with a warm attitude..
Melting away into oblivion ,the sky no more blue..
The silent sculptures longingly bidding  me adieu....
As the "kaynaat" takes a drowsy yawn...
I whisper "I shall be back with a break of dawn!"


  1. Lovely pictures and words. Glad to have found your blog, and amazed at the stuff that you have here. Found it a little difficult to read the text on your lovely header because of the color of the font.

    1. Thanks subhorup... well I could not change the color of the font so snipped that illegible text..thanks for pointing that out ... it said nothing just that I changed my blog title this year and compiled all my blog posts and creative pursuits since 2005 here ...:):)

  2. Awesome pics of sunset....and beautiful verses too.

  3. Beautiful words, loved the way you divided it under different parts...


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