Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Question... a doodle..

"If I am ... who am I ?"
When do we really know ..who we are?
Do the identities we cling to and fight fiercely for 
in terms of religion,caste ,race ,nationality etc. are 
actually our identities or just a way to cover the ignorance about our true identities that's hard for us to decipher.Science says if broken to the last particle perhaps no living or non living can be differentiated as its just a sum total of energy .... I have heard that argument but it's hard to grasp so  I keep asking puzzling myself all over again...
"If I am .... who am I ?"

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  1. Wowie Doc, Nice writeup "If I am..."
    and a wonderful illustration with doodle. They say "am" which is "being" is more importnt than anything else but a very valid question WHAT instead of WHO.

    Overall an amazing post

    Keep amazing us :)

    sharing an ole doodle again with MS Paint


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