Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hey Girl with your thinking cap on
hair flowing down beaming straight
 gazing ahead to an infinite ocean
of possibilities, dreaming beyond fate....

Can’t see your face but there sure is grace
I know you don’t care what the mirrors say..
Cos you shine bright with your sparkling thoughts...
So celebrate yourself for who you are this day
And for being yourself every other day!!!...

A very very amateur sketching effort. Women's day seemed  appropriate to post it.

 I tried hard to find that conversation from the movie 'Erin Brockovich'.I could not so I write this from what I remember.

... when a victim of water pollution by carcinogenic affluents from California Power supply who developed breast and uterine cancer  asks Erin

 " Will I still be a woman after a hysterectomy and mastectomy ?" ... 

Erin says

 "You would be a more free woman who doesn't have to worry about tampons and underwires..."

We are women by the sheer grit of our minds and the power of our loving hearts. Even if we lack the perfect face ... the skin... color....attire...

Happy Women's day ! I am proud to be one :)


  1. Happy Women's Day...thanks for this wonderful read on today special day...Cheers!

  2. wowie...a beautiful read

    PS:: Loved the look of blog and header image

  3. Thanks again :)... I think I am at present fascinated by dragon flies... no clue why .. :)

  4. they indeed r Magnificent beings... many culture consider them magical


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