Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My version of The Cheshire Cat...

I began doodling again without a thought.

This thing just lied down for a while and I had no clue what was to emerge. I couldn't see anything . Just when today in my head out of no where echoed " Ambition, distraction, derision and uglification"  I "grinned " at the thought of the Mock Turtle and the favourite character of Alice in wonderland flashed in my head. Yes the Cheshire cat...

There I could see in that meaningless doodle the cheshire cat.

Looks a little weird in the final version ... but weird is what a grinning , vanishing cat disseminating wisdom could be expected to be . So here is Cheshire Cat and one my favourite abstract from 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".

(Medium: blue and black gel pen, pencil colors, water color)

Alice: "Would you tell me please , which way I ought to get to go from here?"

Cheshire Cat :" That depends a great deal on where you want to get "

"I don't care much where ......" said Alice

" Then it doesn't matter which way you go ".... said the Cat.


  1. Nice! Amazing how the mind brings out order and pattern our of chaos. Reminds me of how I would start seeing forms in the cracking whitewash on the walls our old houses. I really the leaflike forms that emerged in the second photo. I think the final image is a bit too detailed. In the sense that I feel you want to make sure the viewer sees the cat, exactly the way you see it. Perhaps the next time you could try not to make the final image so defined and let the viewer also experience the final emergence of the form as you yourself experience in the process of making the artwork.

    1. Thanks Sid... Well you are right will try that in the next doodle.. :)

  2. ^-^ Superb Nids...waiting eagerly for your next doodle


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