Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The art of falling!

What does Rachel Smith and Crystle Stewart have in common? Both were crowned Miss America. Thats not it. Both proved the Law of gravity. Yes , Miss America fell again in the Miss Universe contest. I know thats not a news anymore. Rachel Smith got the unwanted fame at You tube in 2007. Crystle Stewart joined the Hall of Fame. Trust me theres a new video on You Tube comparing the two falls.( I am sure you will check this one out).
These graceful gals collected their composures in a jiffy , thanks to the way they are groomed for the competition. Crystle Stewart's regaining her height clapping made me feel that she might actually have amused herself. I wonder if people would be betting on Miss America falling next year and whether the next Miss America will give in the pressure.(If she does that would be History!)
When people fall others laugh. Thats not mean actually thats good. Trust me what is really painful when no one laughs. I remember falling off the Library stairs in my freshman year at med school. Just after the ragging period when we were allowed to wear casuals again. I went off to the library alone and managed to tumble down the stairs. It was a wonderful fall ,took a few minutes to gather myself again. How I wished somebody was there to laugh. The seniors and the batchmates who witnessed my unexpected stunt were graceful enough to spare me. But I wish they would have laughed. There was this batchmate of mine, she forgot a simple rule. When you sneak in or out of the lecture hall be invisible. She entered late. Tried to find a suitable place in the lecture hall ( by the way the lecture hall was similar to that in Munna Bhai MBBS) and she figured out a sit at last row( that means the topmost). And just as she reached there it happened! She proved what goes up comes down. She went tak! tak !tak!..... and on the floor startling the Professor of Physiology. Oh! poor thing we pitied her.
While you read it, you might recall a similar incident and may be smile at yourselve.There was no moral purpose of writing the article. Just the idea of the gravity's favourite trick on the gorgeous gals fascinated me.( I know you have watched the video before finishing to read the article.) So the next time you walk just remember that gravity may prove itself again and if does just make sure to put on the best smile you have!!

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  1. what goes up has to come down :P

    i fell from the topmost bench in the amphitheater twice in my 2nd yr :P


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