Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Question it!!

My mom and I decided to shop today.We chose to go to the shopping Mall. It was the first shopping mall in the city and belongs to the Sahara India group. The busiest part of it being the four floors dedicated to the Big Bazaar. I never liked going in there. Firstly, cos it was about shopping grocieries and household stuff( which was definitely not my idea of fun ,after my hectic hospital schedule, which as such allowed me rare outings). Second, it was always overcrowded. Kids fitted on the trolleys looked cute. But carrying those trolleys through the goods and stuff lanes sometimes felt like driving through a traffic jam. Thirdly, it took ages to get the bills made . So I preferred to explore other stores like Biba ,Mark n Spencers and Pantaloons or resigned to the eating outlets on the top floor.

Being on a vacation these days and taking a break from being a specialist, I am trying to look at things in a different way. Besides since my mind ain't preoccupied with patients , I try observing and questioning things with an open mind . Trying to be a generalist to be precise. So I helped mom shop today and yes i know exactly what to buy. And while waiting for the bills to be made I observe people.

After the bill was made , the young lad at the counter asked " Mam , will you like to donate one ruppee for the childrens fund". I nodded reflexly. Then next moment I realized that its been several times this way. I was a bit curious. I shot back" hey wht kind of childrens fund? Can I get the details?" He was clueless at the unexpected question and directed me to the inquiry counter. I don't know what got into me I went there and asked the same. The same situation there too. No clue . I was directed to some Mr. Vishal on the second floor.Hmm.... my explorers spirit dampened a little but it triggered a mental calculation.' Big Bazzar is a chain of retail stores.... so may be there are approximately 100 such... if a minimum of 100 people shop there everyday...... it would amount to a sum 10 grands a day and 3 lacs amonth.... and does a childrens fund actually exist?.... well it went on till i reached home.

While sipping coffe from a the newly purchased mug, I googled about Big Bazaar. Hell I would have walked in there several times and I never knew that it belongs to the Pantaloon Retail India limited. I had no idea there was any link between Pantaloons and Big Bazaar. Then the name in the next line... Kishore Biyani. It sounded familiar. I ran to the book shelf .... it was there .My dad who loves buying books had this too and I was right. It was the tale of the Big Bazaar. It was about its founder Kishore Biyani. I have been at the book since evening. It's entitled " It Happened In India". While I am enjoying the read I would like to quote Mr. Kishore Biyani....

"Looking back ,I think that someone grows and starts to learn and understand life , he starts to question as well.At a very early stage one starts creating mental models to interpret various observations.At that point, if one finds that what he has learned on his own is different from what is being practised in reality, he tries to distinguish right from the wrong.He soon starts to seek answers to everything and then life transforms.I feel having an attitude of questioning everything is important.Until one questions the established way of doing things, one won't be able to come up with something new."

So friends , question it!! and may be I would check on Mr. Vishal on the second floor next time

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