Saturday, July 12, 2008


When i was a kid , monday evenings on the national television aired a children's programme called 'NANHE MUNHE' . I watched with great delight when school children of my age and younger did those cute group dances and sang out of tune songs. The world has taken a giant leap since then . I am awstriken when I see little boys and gals singing all possible hindi songs in perfect 'sur' and on top of that match up the latkas and jhtakas of bollywood. With their mesmirising talent and pure innocence the entire act is hypnotising. No wonder the reality shows are the best bet after an undying era of saas bahu potrayals. From the bindi's to blouses the reality shows were a real fresh breath or air. But excess of nothing is good. And when something sells there are a lot of rats. I mean a rat race. So no wonder the myriad channels are plagued by
a mascarade of reality shows.
I know what humiliation is. During my post graduation days in med school I have faced it. But to be a kid . To face humiliation on National television after an awesome performance . I dont see the relevance. I can't relate with parents. What for are we pushing are children and why on earth we are pushing childhood out of their lives.
When Shinjini got paralysed the sitution became grave. Are few seconds of fame so important. Hell !there are so many reality shows and so many winners, I have lost track of them and definitely can't remember the names. So people simply forget. People have short term memories.
I have vague memory of what a little girl said, in a world convention on environment ,in context of the way earth is getting polluted. She said if things were to be like this maybe our posterity would'nt even know what butterflies are. But my fear is greater what if the future generations don't know what childhood is. We can device drugs to do away with wrinkles and retain libido's but where will we recover a lost childhood from??

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    it always brings back memories when i was a kid! *sigh* some days those were


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