Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Big Blank theory...

This post is to capture the process of doodling I have been working at for around two years. Its a leisurely activity I indulge in  particularly during  stressed out times and is more a form of meditation for me.Helps me take a break from my otherwise multitasking tendency.I titled the post as 'The Big Blank Theory' as it all starts with a blank ... like the universe came out of nothingness ... through my doodles I learn that there is an intricate relationship between 'nothing' and the creation of 'everything' ... the link being the ultimate resource called imagination .

My doodles start with a blank page and a blank mind. So I took an art sheet and an orange ball point pen.My hands moved in random strokes.

Then I began following the process and joining the free ends.

I stopped when I had the feeling that now  it's time to figure out what is emerging out of the randomness. It's something like watching the clouds and letting your imagination figure out forms.

Nah .... nothing ... so I rotated the sheet...

Hmmm... needed one more rotation....and I gazed until I saw it....

It was time to outline what I figured out....

Now my hands worked in the direction for materializing what I had seen in that random chaos of lines...some water color and black sketch pen came to aide...

Filling up the background is my favorite part and the most absorbing....I pick up a black pilot pen and work on the details of the background...

 More colors and details...I guess now you can see the form I saw...

By now I am wondering about the title and the verse and it's building in my mind as I work on the details...

Finally after about and hour and a half It's finished ....

The wounded warrior


He falls on his knees
Victor? ... vanquished ..?
now matters the least..

With a blood stained body
and a tattered soul....

He wonders at the purpose..
shaken to the core...
petrified at the sight of
that sea of blood and gore....


  1. Very Dynamic. You were able to show the transition from one phase to another smartly and confidently. Loved this concept. Keep inventing creative ways of presenting your art.

    If time permits please visit my blog :

  2. Thanks Saikat... sure to visit your blog...

  3. Beautiful, loved all of them but the last one is my favorite .. Loved the colors and the shades.

  4. I'm not a creative person at all; but the transition of the wounded warrior from what looks like random scribble to me to the final drawing is amazing!!!

  5. hey really cool doodle... i'm speechless, the final outcome is too good. pls post it as agreed.. keep up the good work

  6. loving the growth and maturity in your works... keep on going...

  7. Really nice... the final image is beautiful and it becomes so much more special when one sees how it was arrived at. :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion sid... started clicking as u told me ... wasn't sure if it would amount to anything... but surprisingly it did :)....yeah it's special !!

  8. fantastic, an artists eyes see n read what commoner cant

  9. good one .... came out really beautiful :)

  10. "Victor? ...Vanquished ..?
    now matters the least"
    Wowie DOC, amazing words.
    and Doodle is mesmerizing as always
    Sometyms its difficult to say if a verse describes a picture better or picture compliments the verse.

    and yea.. u can reach me at ...don't wanna miss on more amazing artworks :)

  11. Thanks Nuktaa :)... will sure mail u..

  12. Thanks for being a such a wonderful read

    here is something for you:)

  13. Wow ... That is incredible ... thanks a lot.. Nuktaa:)

  14. Awesome Nids...Indeed Nothing matters...It reminds of Lawrence Krauss' lecture on Life, Universe and Nothing..great going friend!!!


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