Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Creating Happiness

I am kind of filled with restless energy at the moment. I have to let it out and share. Random surfing on the net might sometimes land you on a Treasure Island. I found something that linked so well with a recent post of mine STAY CREATIVE

I was stumbling yesterday and I found this beautiful website called HIGH EXISTENCE. The first post I read was Titled The Simple Truth about Happiness. 

But haven't we read so many things about happiness already . Why did I click that post only ? It was 'cos the image in it showed a guy painting  the word CREATE on a white wall with bold red strokes. I was instantly attracted. What I read was marvelous and I was fascinated so much that I actually printed out the article and read it several times.

It talks about a simple truth we all experience. We pursue happiness and for that we learn all the tricks . To be open and more friendly. To take things in a good spirit. To live in the present moment and so on. But still we have days when we feel all torn and negative with our heads studded with thoughts of self-defeat. 

The author found a wonderful answer to the question that why are we not able to sustain the happy spirit on a daily basis when nothing is apparently wrong? 

He talks about Creating Vs Consuming. I was surprised that reading a book was an act of consumption. I always limited consumption to buying stuff like groceries , cosmetics , clothing and luxury items etc. But I realized reading of course is consuming someone else's creative work . It does not involve creating. I was again surprised that creating was not limited to painting,writing, sculpting and other forms of arts . Giving someone a compliment was also creating. Perhaps creating positive vibes for the other person. 

I would strongly recommend to read this post and work on WHATS YOUR CREATION VERSUS CONSUMPTION RATIO.

I would like to thank the author Max Nachamkin for writing this wonderful post.

For me I am already on the five day test and totally hooked to the Principle



  1. amazing!! indeed the principle works ... and i am an experience in myself .. loved the depth of thought about happiness !!! thank god happiness has no manufacturer and a price tag .. money would have bought it from the shelves of big malls !! :)

  2. I read this amazing article on the similar concept on NY Times. Those those who are passionate about any form of art could read between lines and relish it.


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