Sunday, April 14, 2013

Masoom Shahar

I have  been downloading and watching sitcoms ( Canadian/ American/ British) for past one and a half years. They have become a very reliable source of entertainemnt for me. Providing the much needed rescue from remote control fights and forced feeding of 'Saas Baahu ' Drama. However watching something on the laptop means multitasking. The social networking sites and the chat apps taking away some moments of the sitcoms.

That day a friend suggested a children's movie , the full length of which was freely available on Youtube. I had watched the movie years ago  and the associated nostalgia drove me to finally watch it a few days later.


The movie was "Kabhi Pass Kabhi Fail". The protagonist Robin is a happy-go-lucky , loved -by- all child living in a beautiful village in Goa. He is creative and playful but never scores in exams. One fine day he does a mathematical calculation mentally and his parents are taken aback. Slowly his talent and mathematical genius gains popularity in the village . He becomes the village genius. Then enters the villain ,his step uncle who schemes to use Robin's talent to make money. Robin gets caught up in his uncle's evil plans and eventually loses his mathematical magic due to sheer exhaustion and sadness.

It is a very beautiful story of discovery, loss and rediscovery . The child actor and his dog Coco have done such realistic work. The other cast has stalwarts like Deepti Naval and Naseeruddin Shah. Almost all the actors are recognizable as most have them have been on famous serials on TV.

I loved the storyline for it's simplicity and crispness. All characters have been played well and not a single shot deviates from the storyline. I was struck by nostalgia and enthralled by the simplicity of the movie once again.


Then I stumbled upon another Children's Film " Mahek Mirza". Just clicked and was surprised to find a more recent and wonderful creation of the Children's Film society of India. It is a story of a girl who wants to excel in everything. when she runs for class President she dreams of becoming the first female President of India. However the reality is the exact opposite of her dreams. She loses . Still dreams. Loses some more. In the midst of dissapointents meets a 'Modern Fairy' who guides her towards finding her one true talent. One fine day Mehak loses the will to try again cos she doesn't  want to fail one more time.

 Again it is a very sweet, refreshing kid's tale with it's share of magical moments without the abra-ka-dabra. The child actors have  done a brilliant job. Specially the lead actor who played Mehak (Shreya Sharma).


The third one I watched was not as good as the other two but hit upon a topic of child labour. Lilki a garwali kid is taken to Mumbai to work  by a good-hearted couple who want to help her mother financially. She takes care of their baby and tries to adjust with the new surroundings. Develops friendship with the kids of the appartment who accept her after discarding her for being poor and a maid servant. It's over all a happy film which utilises a very burning topic but stays in a very secure surrounding. Focussing more on the mental state of Lilki who otherwise is among a very good lot of people.

I wonder what kids watch these days. But  watching these beautifully picturized simple tales based on  the innocence , inquistiveness  and creative potential of childhood was very heart warming. A respite from everyday unrest, violence, discontent, dishonesty , growing distances among people and surprisingly from multitasking. 

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