Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A characteristically shaped Coca-Cola bottle. Summers in childhood meant mangoes , vacations and that fizzy drink in bottles that had a sweet teasing taste and that gave us funny burps that irritated the nostrils . Inspired from coca wine and kola nut flavoured citric acid non alcoholic drink called coca cola was a treat in summers .As we grew so did that carbonated drink not only the sales but the brands and flavours. Then cola companies became international giants who spend millions on just advertisement Now of course its perrenial , omnipresent, celebrity endorsed (Heck I don't understand why they keep making new ads every few months) and almost acquiring a cult status ( remember youngistan!!)  . Off and on in controversy for contaminants and with absolutely no nutritional value surprisingly it has a great hold on the markets. People consume it all over the world just guided by the taste buds and hardly bothering about health and cost effects. Cola for sure is hard on teeth and the sweetness is just additional calories. In short unhealthy. So what is the secret of cola . Is it the magic of marketing? Is it cos it's another symbol of US hegemony and there 'thurst upon the rest of the world ' American lifestyles? Or is it the magic of fizz? . Whatever the reason it has side tracked other healthier beverages (like tea, coffee , milk products (chhachh , lassi), panna, fruit juices, lemonade, coconut water). I personally have shunned carbonated drinks for more than a year.

   However there is good news that finally Indian scientists at CSIR have come up with a herbal carbonated drink which is under trial . I was glad that they were thinking and working on those lines .I hope that they produce a herbal cola that give a healthier lifestyle to not only Indians but rest of the world.This is a pleasant relief and hopefully we will see it in the markets in a few years. 

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