Monday, February 7, 2011


How would you feel if you enrolled in a new government initiated integrated graduation and postgradutaion course and when you are about to finish the five years you come to know that the institute cannot provide you a degree? worse how would you feel if you  gave up an engineering course to enroll in this course?Sounds like a nightmare. Doesn't it?
        Well that is the plight of the IISER (Indian Institutes of science education and research) students. A concept , started in 2006 aspiring to provide these institutes the same status as IITs ,has failed to carry the promise. The reason is simply lack of a law that would empower them to grant degrees. It  was hard to fathom the despair of students who once enrolled thinking they becoming the first batch of an excellent course.I was surprised the  government  could not pass this bill in five years!!  The reason the bill couldn't pass even this winter session was even more enraging. The 2G spectrum scam sapped away all the time of the winter session . Hence the fate of some brilliant students hangs in air .
       The scam is  a definite blemish on the existing government and a symbol of how deeply entrenched corruption has become in the system that a minister in office indulged in irregularities eating away public money while playing quid pro quo with telecom companies.Despite his deeds in 2007 he was reappointed the telecom minister and even after the allegations he continued to be in office. But deeds like these have more far reaching outcomes then what is directly visible. The monetary loss to the country is ofcourse there but the non passage of the above mentioned bill exemplifies how the spectrum of these scams can extend to overshadow the future of the citizens. The bright and promising career of some of the brilliant minds hangs in uncertainity because the parliament was too busy tackling whether there should be a JPC or not. The opposition party ( which sometime back was in deep mess when the Liberhan Committee report finally saw  light after thirteen years) was too busy pointing fingers at the ruling coalition (as the tables turned) to allow for minor laws to be passed . Then we have a CVC who himself is not free of corruption charges and still he is being backed up. .So 2G's  spectrum digged out  another scam -the  Palmolien case .Even if these are false allegations isn't it the responsibility of the government to appoint someone who has a clean record . Don't we have any other eligible candidate for that post.
             Alas! when one scam exposed brings out more and more dirt and mud slinging the bland topic of degrees of mere 79 students  can't possibly pull enough attention. They can wait for a degree because this nation is too busy  producing and dealing with scamsters .

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