Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Puzzle called 'Life'

My mother has a great fondness for solving crosswords, puzzles and riddles. Her latest project is a block puzzle gifted to her a few years back. It’s a particularly difficult one and the first time she saw it she was overwhelmed by the difficulty level. So the box with the puzzling pieces lay quietly for a long time till she finally thought of giving it a try. 

The box was opened , the pieces released and spread on the table and the picture to be assembled was keenly observed. She wisely constructed the entire boundary first. So a while later there lay a rectangular frame. The most striking and dominant feature was a castle. So the construction started from bringing the castle to form by finding the right pieces. It took her sometime and the castle could be seen forming . Then the job became tedious and she put it to rest again. She kept coming back to it and everytime a few pieces found the right place. Sometimes they just fell in place magically and sometimes she kept scratching her head for long without getting results. So there were moments of getting 
things right and the feeling of being stuck. But patience has been her greatest asset ( which I sincerely want to develop to the level she has ) , she did not give up or put away her effort in any of the stuck up moments. It’s been a month now. The castle is complete .The patch of sky above and the sprinkle 
of greenery below has started revealing itself. 

I am amazed the way the insignificant irregular pieces have fallen together. I looked at it this morning feeling happy that it would finally be complete in sometime .I wondered isn’t life like a box of a particularly difficult puzzle. The only difference being we do not get a the final picture to tally later. Everybody gets to put there pieces together. Sometimes they fall magically together and sometimes they just refuse to fit in , stagnate and frustrate. So many time while you try to put them together 
and take time to look at what has already been placed , almost wondering if anything in life holds a meaning. Whether whatever has been put together is random or comes with a cosmic meaningfulness and a pre-destined frame work. 

The truth is whatever we do and whatever decisions we make , we are actually putting together the pieces of our life . Trying to reveal our purpose from an assortment of irregular meaningless pieces. There are bound to be moments when we get stuck and the particularly difficult puzzle called life may overwhelm and frustrate but the key is to keep at it. To keep the faith that this particular piece which is refusing to fit in now will eventually fall in place and play a significant role in revealing the final picture of this puzzle called life. 

Keep the faith. Keep at it.

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