Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An experiment with Glass...All in a day..

I was in my third year of MBBS when I developed a fascination for glass paintings. They entralled me. One day I found a sheet of glass at home when I was back from college on a short holiday. I visualised a dancing girl and a guy with a 'dhol'. However that could not be materialised so I settled for a dancing girl Gujarati or Rajasthani mainly for their colourful appearance. I aint good at sketching so my extremely talented brother came to my rescue and made a dancing girl on a tracing paper. I bought glass paints and liner (which I thought costed me a fortune).Impatient and determined as I was I ended up finishing the whole deal by evening. 
As I said I had no idea about the nuances of glass painting I had naively chosen a very thin sheet of glass and framing my 'master piece' became an ordeal and ended up costing me more than the entire cost of painting itself !! Reminds me of a short story by Jeffery Archer (in his short story collection 'A quiver full of arrows'). I took this picture today I guess its been 10 years now. It needs some restoration but I guess it still looks very interesting specially cos it was made purely out of instinct.


  1. I have never done glass painting in my entire life! Its looking awesome.

  2. Thanks Saikat :) though my glass girl is in dire need for restoration as a decade had a toll on her and the paint is chipping off now...


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