Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shahi Paneer Recipe ...

Well this one was written  last year and I just found it on 'My notes' on facebook(where I shared it with my friends ). Felt like sharing it here ... Since I am not exactly a cook I haven't precisely given the directions and quantities ...this  was cooked randomly and surprisingly tasted well to everyone's relief :P.

My way of 'cooking' is let it be free spirited and blend in everything that you feel can add magic to the usual. So this one is not an ideal one and you can have your own version. 

To begin with I had the main ingredients  fresh paneer (cottage cheese)... onions ... garlic... but my kitchen was devoid of tomatoes .... my mom had a wonderful idea of preparing a thick gravy by replacing tomatoes with apples!  Now these were sweet sour juicy part green part red apples, the kinds which have an awesome refreshing taste. So the first step was making an apple and onion plus garlic paste in the mixer grinder ....that part done... I cut the fresh paneer is small cubes (after thoroughly washing it) .

 Now you can have any shape slices but the idea is keep them equal sized.I prefer cooking in olive oil so first thing in the pan was olive oil and when it had reached adequate temperature I added about 5-6 peppers and cloves ( kali mirch and laung) and some dried leaves of Kadi patta ( I am fond of masala in solid form as it gives little bursts of flavours while I have a weakness for south Indian fav kadi patta and crushed coconut). Then I poured the gravvy paste in the oil and let it brown. Added salt to taste and a slight hint of turmeric powder alongwith meat masala ( you can use pre prepared sabzi masala per your choice)... I kept the masala thing less in quantity just for the flavour. 

Then added paneer cubes ..... followed by fresh cream and milk .... one important tip is while adding fresh cream and milk make sure that you are constantly stirring otherwise the thing may go curdy and the smooth consistency of the gravy may not be there....Let it cook for around 15 minutes on simmer and later cos I did not add tomatoes and shahi paneer has a slight sweet taste ... I added some thick tomato ketchup.... after it had blended in was ready to serve....I am not giving quantities cos it shall depend on how many people you cooking for. 

Since I was trying to keep it low on calories so I did not add dry fruits. Cashew and badam can be added in the gravvy paste as well as it can be cut into pieces and put in the gravvy later while cooking ...adds to the rich taste... 

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