Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 the books I read

Well I did manage to read some despite my demanding schedule which was also about reading a lot but much formal and technical stuff. The books I finished included It's not about the Bike by Lance Armstrong, The Kite runner by Khaled Housseini, The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint Exupery, The secret Rhonda Byrne.

  But I liked the simplicity of 'The LittlePrince' . The beautiful way it expresses the different ways a child and an adult look at the world. The Boa constrictor sketch and it's dismissal by the adults , a perfect description how many an imaginative minds lose their creativity due to adult criticism. The importance of authority to be reasonable. The love that is unexpressed due to pride of the haughty flower. The interaction between the prince and the fox about friendship is so meaningful in its simplicity.

" One understands only the things one tames".  says the fox to the prince who refuses to tame the fox saying he has no time and has friends to discover. "what must I do to tame you?" " You must be very patient " replied the fox ."First you will sit down at a little distance from me - like that-in the grass . I shall look at you out of the corner of my eye, and you will say nothing. Words are a source of misunderstandings". And when the prince tamed the fox he learns that " at first when I met my fox he was one among a hundred thousand foxes. But once I tamed him he is unique because he is my friend".

Lance Armstrong's book was definitely inspiring by virtue of it being a true story of courage. I particularly relate the book with the phrase "Carpe diem" which mean sieze the day and the mention of the dialogue from the movie Good Will Hunting..." Do you like  apples?" " How do u like them apples" . Actually researched the origins of it (and I did find references and videos LOL ). It was good simple reading with an optimistic note.

The Kite runner was a much heavier yet beautifully written content about the complexity of human emotions and the devastation of a country due to war. Gives a vital insight into Afganistan .

I wasn't in for reading any self help books but this one was so strongly recommended during a little confusing and demotivated time that I bought it. The reading was pleasant and I was totally fascinated by the law of attraction .Well helped me attempt delibrate positive thinking for quite sometime. Law of attraction worked for me in a little way too. I wanted to see the movie which was actually made before the book but didn't know if it was available on net. Before I could start searching for it. One random day a friend of mine mentioned that her cousin made her see a movie about Law of attraction and she wanted to read the book. I gave her  the book! She gave me the movie! Made me really smile and believe that the law of attraction was working for me. I recommended it to few other friends . But slowly I said no more thank - yous as i woke up in the morning. I think it faded away a bit. Well as the principles of psychocybernetics say we need to review the positive image as our system tends to slip back to negativity. So I need to pull myself back on higher level of positivity again . What better time then starting a new year.

(P.S Gabriel Garcia marquez' book A hundred years of solitude seemed to torment my brains and despite wanting to finish it I left it mid way. The ever increasing characters and plethora of sexual perversions was maddening . But somehow I feel the book in the end would be excellent. Hope to pick it up some day again.)

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