Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 I am a confirmed book hoarder...

I wrote about my fascination for book stores and about the books left midway.. started and not completed..
Well at this time I feel I am a confirmed book hoarder. At times I go on a buying spree. But there is a pattern to my buying . I buy books by reference and those references could me anything.. Here is the list of books I bought and havent read...

1. The idea of justice .. Amartya sen is celebrated personality and I rever him. I read so much about this book in newspaper editorials that I bought this as soon as I saw. I even gifted a copy to a revered elder who retired this year.

2.The argumentative Indian... Amartya sen again.. I saw a copy with my cousin and read a few pages . The next thing I knew i bought my own copy in one of my random bookstore visit.

3 The audacity of hope... Barack Obama .. gifted it to my brother but now somehow lies in my shelf since he forgot to pack this one when he left. (He ofcos read it already.)

4.Dreams from my father.. Barack obama.. well a friend , a thorough obama fan , narrated me so many exerpts from the book that I , yes, bought it.

5.Three cups of tea... random buy as i liked the content ... a true story about mountaineer turned educator .

6.A mighty heart .. Marianne pearle.. the book turned into a movie starring Angelena Jolie . The author was the wife of the journalist who was beheaded by the terrorists in Pakistan. ( read about a quarter of the book)

7 A beautiful mind... a discussion with a friend about game theory led to mentioning of John Nash . I knew the movie but didnt know that it was based on a book. Bought it.

8 Indomitable spirit ...APJ abdul Kalam... His books i read anyway.this ones half read.

9.The virtue of selfishness.. Ayn Rand... I am fascinated by her theory of objectivism. This was part of a buying spree on a destressed day.

10. Heart of Goof .. ah PG Woodhouse cos some humor could do me good.

11. Short stories by O henry.... well it was impossible not to buy it . Managed to read a few stories too.

12 To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee... well was a full page article on thsi book .. the only book by the author.. it's a classic.. if I am hoarding why leave it.

13. Speed Post .. Shobha de.. well its her letters to her children... could not read it cos I was bored of it!

14. Essays by Aung san suu kyi... well got as a gift!

15. Half of a yellow sun .. Chimamanda Ngozi adichi... whenever I am at the airport I buy books.. can't help it. This one had the orange broadband prize.

16. Catch 22 recent buy... well Yossarian shall be read ... after this one added a word to the dictionary.

17. Blindness... read about Jose Saramago about a year and half back. If I found a copy in a book store I was to buy it for sure!

18. Snow... well Orhan pamuk I had to read. Heard and read a lot about him.

19 The art of happiness... I think I was depressed that day :P

20. A brief history of everything .. Bill bryson.. a friends recommendation... excuse for not reading... Bro packed it with his stuff.....

21 The beautiful tree... James Tooley ... phew!!!

so this is it .... well hope to read them someday or may be the list shall expand more :P :P....

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