Thursday, December 30, 2010

Discovered Julia Child !

As i mentioned in the last post about my sudden falling in love with cooking . I had no clue that I would blog about cooking again.In fact I had some other things in mind to blog about. But I made a sudden discovery that left me awestruck . Is it exciting to find a way to something intresting when we were't actually looking for it. This is to refer to someone that I randomly found. I would rather term serendipity. Here is what happened. I found a link, a random one on  fb .As I watch that video, about a person who defeated odds in her life, on the side bar I notice a video entitled 'Julia child's roasted chicken'. My recent interest in cooking made me click that link.I thought it must be Julia Child cooking but no it was her recipe and the cook kept mentioning her in ways that got me intrested and curious. So I searched 'Julia Child'  and I am led to videos of her show and then Julia/Julie project and Meryl streep  and I end up being fascinated. It's pretty late and I am too tiredto write about it . So I would sign off  but i could't help mentioning it now ! Next  post is definitely about Julia Child.

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