Thursday, December 30, 2010

The things that were new...

I would start from december 2009. I discovered a new interest in growing and tending flowers. The winters always bring and amazing treat of colors and fragrances . I discovered it all once again. When I was a child I took my lush gardens for granted . I felt it was a natural phenomenon happening in the space around my house. But it was the great love my father always had for sowing and growing. He made it a point we could grow the best flowers and vegetables in the ample space we had (despite his amazingly busy work schedule). I am grateful for those natural surroundings. Those red blown up tomatoes, those radishes and carrots peeping from beneath, those amazing oil yielding  sunflowers whose large seeds the parrots swarmed in to peck at.

     But things changed when we had to change our place and the susequent new houses didnt give the luxury of  a  gardens . Still we had our garden so what the garden full of pots was  replaced to garden in pots. It was somewhere around that I went oblivious of these natural things . Until this time when I took initiative to bring it back all over again. Those  amazing shades of chrysenthmum's , proud petaled dahalia's, those sunny marigolds. The chilly winters were colorful once again. The buzzing bees and occasional butterflies , hoards of squirrels leaping around sure brought  me closer to nature.

this one grew valiantly in a flower pot.Infact the pot could not hold the
robust roots and broke off .So the roots held the soil together on there own.

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