Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm loving it!!..tada tada tadaaaaaaaaaa

My mother never allowed me in the kitchen and  I avoided it even more. A total bookworm, I excelled in studies and a few academic extracurriculars, but chores were beyond me. I was infact  hazardous for the kitchen .I had no interest in eating food let alone cooking it (how my mother made me eat is another story). On the contrary my brother showed immense interest in both. He was a curious kid and had a talent for flavours , tastes , mixing , innovating and of course marvellous presentation. On the other hand I just managed to learn making tea. Though later I tried learning a few things  when I came home from college. But somehow  I absolutely  lacked a memory for recipes and measures and  possessed an in appropriate salt sense. So those were  frustrating periods of learning, forgetting  and then learning all over again.

              But this year something miraculous happened. Like an absolute change of heart. I fell in love with cooking. It does not seem a tedious job anymore. It has become a joyful art for me. Chopping, mincing, mixing engages me.The aroma , the flavours and the colors are just beautiful. I 'think' food and 'realize' it. Remembering recipes is not hard anymore. Infact I am eager to learn more . I find the patience to listen to my mother's instructions and follow them ( earlier it annoyed me). What mesmerizes me is how beautifully  culinary art amalgamates nature .Every recipe has ingredients that would bring together mountains, oceans , earth and sky .  They all come together and when added in the right proportion  transform over fire into a heavenly experience.

            I wonder  why I could'nt see this joy before? Why i could'nt recall recipes earlier? why I lacked the patience to listen to instructions earlier? May be the only answer to this is that  I had negative thoughts and emotions for cooking but now it's different. I fell in love with the process of cooking. Love helps us see the beauty and goodness in possibly everything and lets us have the patience. So it's great to be in and stay in love !


  1. ahmm
    it seems now u are all set to finally settle down

  2. Yeah.. to me cooking is a good stress buster.. and a free aroma therapy session :P


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